Manually Throttling a Large Number of Search Manager Updates

TechDoc supports performing a resubmit all from a DM to an SM from low to high priority. However, you many occasionally need complete manual throttling of updates to coordinate limited resources between difference groups. In order to do that, you can use the following procedure to have total control of resources when performing a large update.

TechDoc Network Port Usage

We've received a couple of requests to provide TCP/IP port usage information for TechDoc so that firewalls can limit network traffic without limiting features of the product. The following lists provide port usage by TechDoc product. Keep in mind this is just for TechDoc and does not take into account any ports that may be needed on the machine by Windows or any other products that may be installed on it.

DM (Document Manager)

Rendering and Accessibility

We've received multiple questions about rendering and accessibility. TechDoc attempts to be as accessible as reasonably possible but it needs your help as well. Accessibility is all about providing extra information to assist people with disabilities to understand what you trying to convey whether the person is visually impaired (blind, color-blind, needs large magnification, etc.) or physically impaired (unable to use a mouse or keyboard effectively, etc.)

DM Cannot Send Updates to SM Due to SSL Error

If a DM cannot send updates to an SM, it is normally a network connectivity issue but can occasionally be from an SSL certificate problem. If it is an SSL issue, the DM may report an exception that begins with the following line: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Controlling which sheets render in an Excel workbook

Many of our customers wanted the ability to control which sheets in an Excel workbook would render as many times extra sheets only contain data that feeds into the sheet(s) they actually want printed. To support this ability, TechDoc only renders the sheets that are selected when the document is saved and checked into TechDoc. If your Excel workbook is already in TechDoc, you will first need to reserve (check out) the document.

When you select sheets in a workbook, you will normally use the bottom lower left corner of the Excel window. That area should look something like this: