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Java 7u25, OpenAM, and "Cannot resolve element with ID"

Not too long ago, Oracle released Java 7 update 25, which is an important security update. Unfortunately, they made a change in XML that affects the parsing of ID attributes. This broke our SAML authenticator, OpenAM 10.1, and lots of other products that perform XML processing of ID's. We fixed our SAML authenticator by finding the attribute with the name of ID and then calling this piece of code.

element.setIdAttribute( "ID", true);

TCP Port Numbers and TechDoc

TCP port numbers are used by applications running over TCP/IP to know how to find and talk with each other. TechDoc is accessed by end-users via the web, which normally uses ports 80 and/or 443. On the server side, the web server talks to Tomcat (the Java application server that TechDoc runs under) on two additional port numbers.

Visual Studio RC2144 Error

While working on updating our NFM Printer Driver, I started running into an RC2144 error (PRIMARY LANGUAGE ID not a number). After looking and looking to no avail, it appears that there is a flaw in Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 (at least, that is the first time I noticed this issue). If you edit your resources using the WYSIWYG resource editor, Visual Studio forgets to include windows.h in the rc file that it recreates when you save your changes.