Product Lifecycle

As described in the Maintenance & Technical Support Agreement ("MTSA"), technical support is available on a product two years after the first shipment date of the next version. After that, the customer must switch to a newer version of the product to continue receiving support.

Most newer DocuBrain products use a three number version number consisting a major, minor, and patch number, such as 10.0.1. For the purposes of determining lifecycle events, the patch number is ignored. In other words, assume the current version is 10.0.1. The release of version 10.1.1 or version 11.0.1 would trigger the two year end of support on 10.0.1, but the release of 10.0.2 or 10.0.3 would not.

The table below provides the version, release date, and end of support (EOS) date on DocuBrain products.

ProductVersionRelease DateEOS Date
Workflow Editor1106/22/2023TBD
Workflow Editor1002/14/202006/22/2025