Benefits of TechDoc

TechDoc provides benefits in many ways, including:

  • Improved efficiency
    • TechDoc doubles as an excellent document distribution system, thereby reducing paper, reducing mistakes made from out-of-date printed documents, etc.
    • Documents are always available. There is no need to get to the library during business hours or to contact the document owner in order to get a copy of the document. This is particularly important across time zones.
  • Reduced distribution costs
    • Many documents used to be produced in hardcopy and distributed to large numbers of people. With TechDoc, only those requiring a copy of the document need fetch it electronically (of those, many end up using it electronically and never need to print it to hardcopy).
    • Many documents were faxed or mailed to people at remote locations. Because TechDoc is based on Internet web-based technologies, most of these documents are now fetched when and from wherever they are needed without the need for additional assistance.
    • With TechDoc's ability to send electronic notification and distribution emails, there is no longer a need to send physical memos when a document is created, revised, released, or deleted.
  • Reduced deployment costs
    • There's no additional client installation or maintenance costs because TechDoc runs through the user's current web browser.
    • There are no per-client costs because a free web browser and free PDF viewer are available for almost every type of client platform.
  • Reduced training costs
    • Due to its simple interface and comprehensive, on-line help system, users can become and stay productive with little or no training.
  • Migration to lower cost platforms
    • As the platform or database costs change, TechDoc can be moved. Its portable nature allows it to be re-hosted on lower cost server platforms, operating systems, and databases as they become available.