Introducing DocuBrain ®

DocuBrain ® encompasses a family of software products designed by Prevo Technologies, Inc. to help you manage electronic documents, records, forms, images, and more. Our flag ship product called TechDoc provides an easy way to manage documents of any type while being web-based, ISO 9000 compliant, FIPS 140-2 compliant, NPR 2810.1 compliant, standards based (HTML, HTTP, HTTPS, XML, Java), security customizable to the document level, inexpensive even with thousands of creators and tens of thousands of readers, and portable across hardware, operating systems, databases, and browsers.

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TechDoc is lightweight, powerful, and flexible. It works just as well on your mobile devices as it does your desktop so you can stay connected in the office or on the go. TechDoc can connect with virtually any of your current applications or business processes. Digitally archiving old paper documents while also beginning to capture new data couldn't be easier or more affordable. Start emptying that old store room of file cabinets today.

TechDoc is a distributed, portable document and record management system designed for the management of any type of document or file. The system is web-based and provides for an electronic means to:
  • Manage documents through their entire life cycle; create, modify, release, and delete.
  • Manage any type of file as a document.
  • Manage records for resident and nonresident documents.
  • Manage forms and their submissions.
  • Automate business processes using integrated workflow engine.
  • Provide extensive per-document security and access controls.
  • Provide full history tracking of every document's life cycle.
  • Provide electronic notification of document events.
  • Provide ad-hoc reporting capabilities.
  • Provide revision control of approved documents.
  • Distribute released/published documents to the user community.
  • Provide full text search and retrieval of published documents.
  • Provide watermarked PDF versions of released documents.
  • Provide for on-line review and approval of documents.
TechDoc has the capability to store any electronic file type, such as audio, video, CAD drawings, not just traditional documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). It has a Windows Explorer like interface with folders and documents to allow for the hierarchical organization of documents. It also functions as a distribution system for documents allowing them to be accessible to only one or two people with a valid username and password, to a group of people, or even globally to anyone who can access the server. The system has granular security down to the per-document level and to the privileges assigned to each user. The system provides full history tracking for audit and security purposes. The system also contains an ad-hoc reporting capability to create and run reports in various formats (HTML, XML, CSV). In addition, user-defined metadata is supported.