TechDoc Document Manager Questions

Questions related to the TechDoc Document Manager


I saw similar post but did not want to hijack it. I am working on a project where I will need to access documents using SOAP or REST. Where can I get a guide describing how to use SOAP with Techdoc? I've seen the WSDL. Also we use Single Sign on, but was wondering if I use REST / URL interface can I send a username / password to authenticate my request since an Automated system might not be able authenticate using SSO.


Is it possible to add a keyword just for a particular generation? I would like to be able to create a baseline of documents that takes a "snapshot" like for a 45% review, but then I would want to do it at 90% too. This way you could capture the configuration of a system.

Techdoc Review Usage and Issues

I am a techdoc manager. I use and create reviews in Techdoc and use it for all our electronic approvals. Recently I'm sharing that responsibility with a co-worker. We have gotten to the point, permission and ownerwise, where we can replace each other's documents, but we can't pause a review or start a review that the other person has created.

TechDoc Electronic Review

Does TechDoc count electronic review duration in calendar or work days? I thought it was calendar days, but since the new release, my reviews that are set to Auto-Concur and Auto-Promote do not always progress. For example, one of my reviews has 3 levels. Level 1 duration is 10 days. It was started on 2/12/15 with Auto-Concur and Auto-Promote settings. It has not progressed. Another was started on 2/13/15. It has also not progressed. As a workaround, if I manually promote them, will the voters who have not voted appear to have Auto-Concurred in the history log?


Is it possible to create a report across tables? I want a report for a group of documents and I want a keyword field, but also want documents that have attachments added to them. This particular group of documents should have an attachment or a specific keword entered to authorize global access. This way I could perform status accounting to ensure nothing was released without one of these requirements.


As a Document Release Manager is it possible to access the History Table for reporting purposes? I have been requested to generate a report showing how many times various documents were accessed in a specified time period and who accessed them. Without access to the History Table , I had to generate a ticket for support from the TechDoc Admin.

Adding Temporary Space for Test Purposes on a DM

What is the best way to add temporary space for test purposes on a DM?

You would most likely want to do this on a test machine to perform a test import of a large number of documents before importing them on a production DM. The files for documents are stored in what TechDoc calls File Areas rather than storing them in a database. A File Area is simply a Windows Path that TechDoc is allowed to store files in. Here's a snippet from the Admin Guide: