Video files over 2G

How does TechDoc manage large video files over 2G? Do they stream when user clicks on link or does it have to be downloaded? Any options for user groups yet, other than manually creating and managing them?


Joey Prevo's picture

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 12:55

As all files work when pulled from TechDoc, the video file will have to be downloaded before it may be viewed.

Yes, we've made a huge leap forward in the area of groups. It is now possible to create a group in TechDoc with the member type set to external members and source the entire list of users from that group from an Active Directory group, SharePoint group, etc. The SSO authenticator(s) need to be configured to first parse the external group identifier(s) you wish to map to a TechDoc external group. For example, if you wished to mapped an Active Directory group you'd want to configure the authenticator(s) to parse the AD groupsid attribute and then build a TechDoc external group where the group's external identifier is set to that AD group's SID.