Uploading large files to DM

I have several file types, mostly CAD and up to 30GB files I want to upload into a DM and link off of SharePoint.

Do I have to worry about the amount or size I am uploading and should I use the Client? Should I break it up some? Also, the person uploading may be at a different location than where the DM is, will that matter?


Joe Prevo's picture

I would definitely use the Client for large files. Most browsers still run into issues with files larger than 2GB plus the Client is MUCH faster at uploading files so it will take a lot less time to do it. As for breaking it up, I would suggest doing that so the you are not trying to upload it all at once in a single transaction. While it is doable, it is less likely to be interrupted by a network blip if the transactions are smaller.

Also, if you are uploading a large amount of data, I would double check with the TechDoc Admin to make sure there is plenty of space on TechDoc. Even if there is enough space for you to upload your files, you don't want to be the one that used up the last of the free space they had available.