Techdoc Review Usage and Issues

I am a techdoc manager. I use and create reviews in Techdoc and use it for all our electronic approvals. Recently I'm sharing that responsibility with a co-worker. We have gotten to the point, permission and ownerwise, where we can replace each other's documents, but we can't pause a review or start a review that the other person has created.

Per the instruction manual, REV 8 the first step, page 317, says when creating reviews step 1 is to assign the review leader. We don't even get that option. I believe that is because at KSC they only allow the administrators of the system to be Admins and it says in your instructions only Admins can assign review leaders. Why would you assign such a mundane responsibility only to such a high user account holder.

Is there anyway you know of for me and my coworker to be able to start, pause, and resume each others reviews. We have it set to Owners and Leaders can reserve and replace, but looks that is the limit of our ability to help each other out. Once I replace her document with a correction, I cannot resume the review.

I don't even see the box to assign a review leader. We are both owners on all the documents.


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Wed, 07/19/2017 - 14:02

The review usage issues that you are having are by design. The original requirements for review were specified by NASA. That being said, those requirements were generated almost 17 years ago and were unlikely to anticipate needs this far into the future. The changes you would like to have are easily addressable as a software update. However, we would have to receive feedback from your NASA center's TechDoc lead to make changes that alter original requirements.

As I see, it looks like you may want to request 2 changes:

1) Allow an non-Admin to choose the Review Leader and/or modify the Review Leader. The exact rules as to who should be able to change the leader would need to be determined.

2) Allow an optional alternate Review Leader or even more flexible, allow an optional group to be associated as alternate review leaders. Than the review leader or any one in the group is allowed to act as the review leader.

We feel that both of these are very reasonable requests but would still require NASA approval as they are changing the original requirements.