Is it possible to create a report across tables? I want a report for a group of documents and I want a keyword field, but also want documents that have attachments added to them. This particular group of documents should have an attachment or a specific keword entered to authorize global access. This way I could perform status accounting to ensure nothing was released without one of these requirements.


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Wed, 02/04/2015 - 15:49

No, currently reports can only be generated against a single table at a time. One possible workaround would be to generate two reports with Doc Number as the output, and save each report to a CSV file. Then the 2 CSV reports could be imported into Excel and resorted to produce a single report.

Longer term, we have been asked to add an indicator to documents that have attachments similar to how comments do. Once completed, it would allow you to produce your report without the need to cross multiple tables.