As a Document Release Manager is it possible to access the History Table for reporting purposes? I have been requested to generate a report showing how many times various documents were accessed in a specified time period and who accessed them. Without access to the History Table , I had to generate a ticket for support from the TechDoc Admin.


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Wed, 11/26/2014 - 23:54

You'll want to create a Report using the History table.

On the "Choose Data Fields To Show" screen, select the data fields you wish to see on the report (you can always select them all and tailor it back later).

On the next screen "Choose Data Fields To Order By", add the columns Target Type and Target Name.

On the next screen "Choose Data Fields to Limit Results on Report" is where you'll want to tailor the data that is returned. Start off by adding Target Type as a criterion and set it to Document. This will say only show history entries for Documents. Next add Target Name and enter the Document Number of a document you want to focus on. This will now limit the report to a single Document. Now you'll want to add a Create Date criterion and set it to (>=) and the start of the date range you wish to look for. Now add another Create Date criterion and set it to (<=) and the end of the date range you wish to look for. This will hone in on History entries created within that date range a.k.a. each entry created for the document you're focused on within that date range.

You should now be able to click Next and then OK to save the report. Go ahead and run the report and you should see all of the actions on that document within the time range you specified. You may now further tailor the report so you can focus on just fetches of the document and limit it to particular usernames if needed. Additionally, I should mention, you could add each of the document numbers to the report if you wished to combine your results into a single report.

Does this sound like a suitable solution for your need?

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Thu, 11/27/2014 - 12:43

Per customer requirements, History reports are only available to admins at this time. History by a non-admin is very difficult to achieve without potentially exposing sensitive data the non-admin may not be allowed to see. The issue comes down to seeing items you may not allowed to be able to see or the people doing the actions. After long discussions with NASA about this issue, it was decided to make them admin-only.