Mass Modifying Key Words

We are wanting to clean up key words - get rid of keywords that don't have value or that no longer make sense, but they're attached to thousands of documents. Is there a way to mass modify to do this?


Joe Prevo's picture

Fri, 03/13/2015 - 12:38

To use Mass Modify Documents, you should only do one keyword at a time. On the first screen, add the keyword you wish to remove and enter a value of * (the asterisk). If the keyword is a date field, enter a small value in the first date box like 1/1/1970 or a large value in the second date box like 12/31/2999. Click Search and see that you have matches. Then click the next button, if the selection is small enough that you are allowed to perform individual selections, click Select All and then click Next. Otherwise, just click Next. On the "Enter Values to Apply to All Documents", choose that same keyword in the "New Keyword" drop down and click Add. Leave it's value empty and click Next. Because you left the value of the keyword empty, you will see a message that any occurrences of the keyword will be removed from the selected documents. Click Next, enter a reason, and click OK. If you have correctly removed the keyword from all documents, the keyword itself can now be deleted from the system.

We have created a new improvement request (DM-619) that will allow an Admin to delete Keywords even if they are assigned to documents. We recognize that the current limitation is onerous on an Admin and should be addressed. We will change the message from an error to a warning so that you know that you will be removing the Keyword from X number of documents if you proceed.