Delete Report

Can you create a report to find out what was deleted by a user with Admin privileges?


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Mon, 12/10/2018 - 15:49

An Admin can create a report against the history table and accomplish some of it. Basically, you need to select the columns on the report and then for criteria, add username and specify the user that your are interested in, and add Command and choose something like "Deleted Document". To get more delete items on the same report, you will need to add Command multiple times as criteria with different "Deleted" commands. Remember to add parenthesis around the set of commands and "OR" between them, so it looks like this...

username = "JOE" AND (command = "Deleted Document OR command = "Deleted Folder" or command = "Deleted Keyword")

You can also add create date as criteria to limit the time frame. The create date is when the history record was created, which also means when the command was executed.

Hopefully, that helps. If not, you can always call us for one-on-one assistance.