TechDoc 9.2.1 Released

TechDoc 9.2.1 has been released as a Setup program and a Patch. The setup program is intended to be used for a new installation or an upgrade of TechDoc 9, 9.1, or 9.2. The patch is intended as a much quicker way to patch TechDoc 9.2 to TechDoc 9.2.1 with the least number of changes possible. The TechDoc 9.2.1 release is intended to fix two issues:

  • Modify Group can remove a member from all groups that the member is on; not just the group that is being modified. The issue could affect Groups for local users, remote users, and remote emails. This issue does not create a security risk but it causes the inconvenient situation that the Group member will have to be manually added back to other groups they were on before they will receive access or email granted by the association of those other groups to documents and/or folders.
  • Exporting Form Submissions can fail due to an HTTP/HTTPS chunking issue that causes the export to fail.

The setup program and patch were available on the 9.2 Downloads Page and the installation and patch installation guides were available on the 9.2 Documentation Page.