Render 10 is Now Available

Render 10 is now available on the TechDoc 10 Downloads page. If you already have a Render 9.* machine, you can update it by simply following the section called "Periodic Maintenance of the Render Machine" in the Render Installation guide. The following is a list of changes from Render 9.2.3 to Render 10:

  • Render can now be installed on a 64-bit edition of Windows 10 using 32-bit or 64-bit applications for rendering.
    If you have no 64-bit applications that need to be installed, you can still continue to install Render on a 32-bit edition of Windows 10.
  • When used with TechDoc 10 or higher, manual rendering mode is fully supported. Please refer to the section called
    "Manual Versus Normal Rendering Mode" in the Render Installation guide for more details.
  • When rendering with products that require the use of a printer, Render now uses the "Microsoft Print to PDF"
    packaged with Windows 10 to perform printing to PDF.