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Electronic Forms coming soon. Are you ready?

By popular demand Electronic Forms will soon appear in TechDoc. After evaluating many of the forms standards that are currently out there, we felt it best to design our own. Unlike many other Electronic Forms specifications, the TechDoc Electronic Forms specification is human readable XML and simple enough to whip together in any basic text editor! The specification is currently in draft, but will soon be made available.

Render 8 Support iGrafx FlowCharter 2015

As requested, we have tested Render 8 using iGrafx FlowCharter 2015 and found that it works without any changes to the Render software. The Render 8 Installation Guide has been updated to reflect this fact.

TechDoc Client 8 Build 02/26/2015 Released

TechDoc 8 Client Build 02/26/2015 has been released and features the following improvements:

  • Updated the certificate store to trust newer CA certificates used by NASA.
  • Fixed the mass upload document logging feature that was broken when the client was converted to a fully self-contained application.

TechDoc Client 8 Build 02/05/2015 Released

TechDoc 8 Client Build 02/05/2015 has been released and features the following improvement:

  • A problem was fixed where sorting the documents on the main screen could cause the wrong document to be selected.

TechDoc 8 Build 12/08/2014 is Now Available

TechDoc 8 Build 12/08/2014 is now available as a full installation/upgrade setup program or a simple patch on the TechDoc 8 Downloads page. If you are already running the 05/21/2014 or 09/08/2014 build of TechDoc 8, either method can be used but the patch is much smaller and quicker to apply.


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