TechDoc 9.1 is Now Available

TechDoc 9.1 is now available as a full installation/upgrade program on the TechDoc 9.1 Downloads page. If you are performing an upgrade, you must be running TechDoc 9 or higher before upgrading. Some of the highlight for TechDoc 9.1 include:

  • Updates to support the latest Java 8 security baseline
  • Data-At-Rest encryption upgraded to AES-256 and SHA-256
  • SAML IDP metadata can now contain more than one signing or encryption certificate
  • Reports on documents, folders, groups, and projects now support a virtual Access column to display associated access to the item
  • Mail Receivers that create documents from received SMTP mail messages
  • Simple Web Request activity for easily accessing non-standard web services from workflows
  • A lot more widgets to add to your "My Work" dashboard