TechDoc 9 JRE Updated for New Root CAs

The TechDoc 9 JRE has been updated to include the latest SSL Root CAs from the US Treasury. Security-wise, the JRE is still based on Java 8u102. This update includes the latest Root CA's for TRCA, DHSCA, FSCA, NOCA, SSACA, TOCA, and VACA. Be aware that this JRE only works with TechDoc 9. It can be used as part of a fresh install of TechDoc 9 or it can be run afterwards to upgrade the existing TechDoc 9 JRE.

Note that the Tomcat service must be stopped in order to apply the update so it will interrupt service to users. If you are performing a JRE-only upgrade, don't forget to start the Tomcat service after the upgrade is complete since the upgrade process does not automatically restart the Tomcat service for you.