Electronic Forms coming soon. Are you ready?

By popular demand Electronic Forms will soon appear in TechDoc. After evaluating many of the forms standards that are currently out there, we felt it best to design our own. Unlike many other Electronic Forms specifications, the TechDoc Electronic Forms specification is human readable XML and simple enough to whip together in any basic text editor! The specification is currently in draft, but will soon be made available.

TechDoc Forms will be a first class citizens with every single field being full text searchable! Additionally, Forms has been designed with mobile use in mind so all of your Forms will work just as well on your smart phone or tablet as they do your desktop. Forms will be rendered using all of our current TechDoc Web 2.0 widgets plus many new ones!

We are currently in the process of designing TechDoc Electronic Form samples for both original paper documents and various digital formats such as Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word documents. If you have any forms (paper or digital) that you would like to see in the TechDoc Electronic Forms library, be sure to send us your samples in the next few weeks. We are asking that you please choose up to 5 forms of up to 5 pages each to start with and if time allows, more later.

Be sure to get us your sample forms so you'll be ready for TechDoc Electronic Forms!