Transferring metadata along with files from other systems

Is there a way to include metadata along with documents when bulk loading from other systems using the TechDoc Client, other than recreating the same metadata in TechDoc?

An example would be attributes associated in a SharePoint list, to be included like an index file for archiving.

Today, the best solution for what you are asking for is the TechDoc Scan Agent. The Scan Agent can be configured to process Kofax Ascent files. Kofax scanners provide a simple mechanism for providing metadata for scanned document via a CSV-like text file called an Ascent file. The Scan Agent supports processing Kofax-style Ascent files to upload each document with all of its metadata that way. If you are interested in pursuing this, we can definitely provide you with more details.

For the future, we are currently working with NASA/KSC on implementing SharePoint Business Connectivity Services (BCS). When finished, users will be able to create/edit/delete from TechDoc document lists in SharePoint like any other SharePoint list. There are still several hurdles that are being worked but its starting to take shape. We can talk more off-line about this as well.