SharePoint integration

If I have a SharePoint list with items that are linked into a SharePoint library and I want to take the documents and transfer to TechDoc and replace with TechDoc links, is there a way to do this without having to go and replace individual TechDoc links in the SharePoint list? Maybe somehow get a report with TechDoc with links and use Quick edit in SharePoint, if I can match up the TechDoc Excel report with the SharePoint list? Just thinking there has to be a way to easily do this.

Joey Prevo's picture

I can only answer for the TechDoc portion of your questions, but yes you can easily create both a report on the documents or generations table to give you the links you need. I would suggest to create a basic document report and include all of the {url} and {link} data fields to get an idea of what they are and see which are the ones you need. I would imagine just the flat text {url} explore link would work best for you.