Search results for SBU category documents

If Community Read is associated to an SBU document will a user get the document returned if they are not on the associated access list? Also, what results would someone running a report get if the document was SBU and the individual running the report is not on the access list? Would the metadata at least be displayed, or no returns for the SBU document? I know TechDoc does not display thumbnails when a document is SBU, but if that is not checked would a user get the search results for the metadata?

By user-requested design, Reports and Search Engine Results have different rule sets. While similar, there are some differences. When on a DM, if a user does not read access to a document, they will not even see the existence of the document. It won't show up in the explorer, on reports, in DM quick searches, etc.

However, if that same document has community web search, it's base metadata will be available on the search engine. But why would you allow this? There are many reasons; here is one example...

An SM is usually running on a separate machine so it can have all sorts of different rules applied to it. For instance, consider unawarded contracts. These contracts are very sensitive prior to award. However, I may have a large number of users that need to be aware that these contracts exist. I can set up a separate Search Manger (we'll call it the Contracts SM) and then at the IIS level, say that only users that belong to the domain group DOM\ContractReviewers can access this SM. The contract documents have read set to none so only designated people on the DM can read or see of their existence, but the documents also have their web search set to push their metadata to the Contracts SM. Now only specified people on the DM can read/see of their existence, only specified people on the SM can see of their existence, and they may or may not be the same users in the two sets of people. If a user from DOM\ContractReviewers finds a contract they need to review but they're not one of the DM readers, they can ask to be added or ask for a copy to be sent to them, etc.

However, if the SM is an open SM without special access restrictions, we would recommend that the settings on that document category should be reviewed to decide if highest web search should indeed be set to community or not.